Reach your fitness and weight-loss goals

Get the results you want in a fun and safe environment at our personal training facility in Blasdell, NY.

Why choose Corps Fitness?

Stephen focuses on getting results in the quickest, most efficient, and – most importantly – safest manner possible. All workouts are catered to the individual because we are all unique and have lived lives that have affected us differently. He has researched extensively the safest and most effective ways for people to mitigate injuries while getting the realistic results you want.

Look Better and Feel Better!

Steve will customize training for you based on your goals; time frame; and ability, helping you to reach realistic goals while documenting real-time results. You will not only be happier with your reflection in the mirror, but your flexibility; strength; core; and energy levels will all improve!

Personal Training

Steve will work closely with you to get the results you want! He combines strength training – using both body weight and conventional weights – with high-intensity intervals to maximize efforts and results.

Accountability Check-ins

Being held accountable is important to help people stay on track and to see their results. We will monitor and measure gains/losses monthly based on how the individual gauges their progress: measurements, BMI, weight, overall feeling and appearance.

In-Home Workouts

When you come and train at Corps Fitness, Stephen will personally create workouts for you to use at home in between workout sessions to help you stay on track and get the most out of your personal training sessions.

Ready to make a healthy change?


Independent Personal Training

1-on-1 personal training is the best way to get the results you want in the quickest way. With the personal attention gained from this experience, one can take the safe habits and techniques anywhere in life to help get results and stay safe while navigating through life. At Corps Fitness, we are prepared to help any person – no matter their current fitness level – set and achieve new goals, monitoring and documenting progress along the way.

1-hour Independent Training starting at $50 / session or purchase a 4-pack of sessions for $160

Duo Personal Training

Get yourself a workout buddy and get fit together! Studies show that when you work out with a friend you have fewer skipped workouts, push yourself further, and – let’s face it – have more fun!

1-hour Duo Training starting at $60 / session

Group Personal Training

Work out with friends, family, or spouses for extra accountability and comfort. Group training classes are restricted to 4 people max so that each person can get the attention they deserve.

1-hour Group Training starting at $60 for 3 people / session or $80 for 4 people / session


Corps Fitness also offers yoga for individuals and small groups. A maximum of 6 people per class is preferred to allow the most attention and comfort. Yoga classes are taught by Cody Bartolucci.

1-hour yoga group pricing starts at $12 / person

Special discounts for military veterans and Ford employees. Contact us for details!

STEPHEN BETTCHER, Certified Personal Trainer

Stephen is a Marine Corps veteran who sustained an injury that caused his discharge. Due to that injury, Steve had multiple surgeries, and made strong efforts to mitigate the pain derived from them. He spent extensive time researching techniques and safe practices that get results.

Steve has always desired to use his love for health and fitness to help others meet their own goals. He became certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and opened Corps Fitness in Blasdell, NY in 2017.


Corps Fitness is conveniently located at 3919 South Park Avenue in Blasdell, NY, just 15 minutes from Hamburg and Buffalo. The gym is situated behind Rays of Hope Massage.

Get Started

Getting started is easy: We’ll schedule you for a studio tour so we can answer all of your questions and review your specific fitness goals. This will allow us to understand exactly what you want so we can better customize a fitness program to help you reach those goals.

When you fill out our form, you can expect to be contacted by Stephen within a day or two. We look forward to meeting you!

Corps Fitness

3919 South Park Avenue
Blasdell, NY